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About Us

About Us


We are a leading company specializing in the manufacture and research and development of foam silicone products. We are committed to providing you with various types of foam solutions, whether for shock absorption, sealing, insulation, or sound insulation, we can customize to meet your needs.
We can solve your problems in terms of product quality, hardness, color, density, etc. The competitiveness of our products lies in advanced production processes, customized services, rich production experience, and high-quality products.


Choose us, and you will get the professional services and products of the industry leader in solid foam silicone. At the same time, due to fewer market competitors, our products can provide you with a unique competitive advantage. Let our advantages become your success guarantee!

Enterprise Strength

Shenzhen Deep Silicon New Material Co., Ltd.

Our market share: In the solid foam silicone industry, our market share is as high as 35%, making us the leader in this field. Customer reorder rate: Our customer satisfaction is very high, and the reorder rate has reached 80%. This means that our products and services have been highly recognized by customers. Product research and development progress: Our research and development team is always at the forefront of the industry. At present, we have 20 new products under development. Average delivery time: Our efficient logistics team guarantees our delivery efficiency, with an average delivery time of 4 working days.

Market Share
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Shenzhen Deep Silicon New Material Co., Ltd.

As a leader in the solid foam silicone industry, our vision is not just innovation and development. We are committed to redefining industry standards and creating continuous value for customers through our high-quality products and services. Our goal is to become the most respected supplier of solid foam silicone products worldwide. We firmly believe that by providing products and services beyond expectations, we can win the trust and loyalty of customers. What we pursue is not only the success of the business, but also the promotion of solid foam silicone technology worldwide. We hope that through our efforts, every place that needs this technology can get the best products and solutions.


Brand Story

The origin of Shenzhen Deep Silicon New Material Co., Ltd. can be traced back to 22 years ago, when we focused on the production of dense silicone. However, an order from overseas changed our development trajectory. The customer needed a solid foam silicone that we had never heard of. Faced with this challenge, we decided to develop this new material and embarked on a new adventure.

This journey is full of unknowns and challenges. Looking for a suitable foaming agent, testing various process combinations, encountering mold blowouts, wasting a lot of raw materials... We have gone through hardships, but we have never given up. Every failure allows us to understand the nature and production process of foam silicone more deeply and accumulates valuable experience for us.

After countless trials and improvements, we finally found the right process and formula. Our solid foam silicone finished product came into being. It brought not only the praise of customers but also our victory over the challenge. Since then, we have embarked on the road to the production of solid foam silicone. With this unique technology, we have set a new standard in the industry. Today's Deep Silicon New Materials always adheres to our original intention and mission, that is, to provide customers with the highest quality silicone foam products. This story of challenge and success not only shapes our brand but also becomes our motivation to continue to forge ahead and pursue excellence. No matter what challenges we face in the future, Deep Silicon New Material will provide the best solutions for customers with tenacity and innovation.

Here are our main partners

Shenzhen Deep Silicon New Material Co., Ltd.

As a company focusing on solid foam silicone, Shenzhen Deep Silicon New Material Co., Ltd., we have a great sense of honor and pride and have established deep cooperative relationships with some well-known companies and brands in the industry.


Our main raw material suppliers are globally renowned chemical companies such as Huaxin Chemical and Xingjiang Tianye in China, Dow Corning, Dongzhu, etc. Their high-quality raw materials ensure the high quality of our products.


Our customers are spread across various industries, including well-known Chinese companies such as CATL, ZTE, and BYD. They highly recognize the quality of our products and help us continuously optimize our products and services through their feedback.

We are very grateful for the trust and support of all our partners and look forward to establishing long-term relationships with more excellent companies and brands.        We firmly believe that only by working together can we create a win-win situation and promote the development of the entire industry.